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Wholesale Conditions

General Information About Wholesale Product Sales

Buying wholesale products is now much easier with Erisales. When our valued customers want to buy bulk products, we offer privileges in ordering wholesale. One of these privileges is to offer you thousands of products at the cheapest prices. As Erisales.com team, we help you to buy the product or sizes you want from our online site collectively.

How Can I Choose Products?

You can select thousands of types and models of products you want by examining them at Erisales.com.

How Can I Order Products?

You can place an order by copying the name, stock code or product link (URL) of the products you like from our Erisales.com online shopping site and forward them to the contact information we have specified below.

How Can I Make Payment Transactions?

We would like to state that we provide convenience in payment options as well as our wide product range. You can provide your payment by credit card, money order or cash payment at the door.

How Can I Make Change?

After delivering the cargo company that has taken delivery of the products you want to change the current code by giving our Aramex or DHL Express shipping firms can send our name to be delivered to addresses in Istanbul Turkey. When the products reach us, our relevant department will contact you and analyze your exchange processes.

How Can I Return?

After the wholesale product is sold, absolutely no refund payment can be made. Returns are valid only for online shopping.

Our Contact Information:

WhatsApp Wholesale Order Line: +90 (545) 202 20 96
Email: info@erisales.com