Our Service Policy


With our unique service policy in online shopping, every customer is special and valuable at Wimjo.

As the Wimjo family, we are proud to always provide the highest quality service to our valued customers. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us that we can never compromise. At this point, we work non-stop for you every day and set new goals for ourselves. We maximize your satisfaction with the effort we put into development and innovation. It is one of our most basic principles to ensure your satisfaction in your wholesale or retail shopping with our wide product range and quality products. Our vision is to give more and more than what our valued customers expect and to increase our service quality above the standards.

There will be no question mark in your mind about online shopping at Wimjo. We deliver a variety of high quality products for your many needs with secure payment options in the fastest way possible.

The products we are selling and will be doing in the future are carefully and meticulously selected for our valued customers, and the best is always offered to you. Wimjo chooses the most popular products of the most reliable brands for you. What matters to us is the perfection of your shopping experience and your satisfaction returns.

Enjoy comfortable shopping with the Wimjo website and Wimjo mobile application, where you can easily buy the products you like wherever you are, whenever you want. Quality service is at the core of our business, it is a great pleasure for us to offer you the best products at the most attractive prices, easily and effortlessly. The most basic purpose of our work is to make every minute you spend with Wimjo unforgettable and special. Making you feel special and valuable, even while browsing our products on our website or mobile application, and ensuring your satisfaction during and after the shopping process is the biggest difference that separates us from others.

At Wimjo, every customer is special and valuable. In order for you, our customers, to feel the value we give, we constantly take your feedback, wishes and needs into account, and at this point, we are renewing and developing day by day. We analyze the points that need improvement and development well and take the most comprehensive and beneficial action as a result of these analyzes. We are constantly improving the quality of the services we offer and we are committed to providing you with the most reliable shopping experience. As Wimjo team members, we are constantly developing, improving and renewing with trainings, seminars, and of course, this effort is reflected in all the work we do, so it becomes normal to offer a smooth and professional shopping experience to our valued customers.

If you have the slightest problem in your wholesale or retail shopping, you can easily reach our customer service 24/7. Your questions and comments are always important to us. It is our most basic duty not to leave any question marks in the minds of our valued customers, whose trust we have earned. Integrity is one of our most important principles, which we always value. From the first minute you reach our customer service, your questions, problems and requests are best listened to.

At this point, if you have any problems, they will be solved for you as soon as possible and in the easiest way, and then you will be informed about the subject. If you have a question or opinion, our customer representative, who is in contact with you at this point, takes your views into notes and conveys them to the relevant departments for the necessary actions to be taken, and responds to your questions in the most transparent way without waiting for you. Wimjo team does not leave you alone at any moment of your shopping. Each of our personnel works hard to offer the best solutions in return for your wishes, needs and expectations. While your satisfaction is a source of motivation for us, it is an indicator that we can do much better.

All your purchases through Wimjo are based on privacy and security policies and your information is protected by strict rules. As Wimjo, we enable you to complete your shopping in the most reliable way without any security gaps.

The most general and most important principle of our service policy is to offer you a reliable and quality shopping experience in the most transparent way. It is our greatest source of happiness that you are satisfied with the service we provide. Every day, we experience the pride of the quality service we provide and the excitement of continuous improvement. We, as the Wimjo family, will continue to work and develop for our valued customers.

We are waiting for you at Wimjo for a shopping experience that makes you feel quality and special at every step.

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