In how many days will my application process be completed?
After you submit your application, you will receive a positive or negative response. After this stage, the completion of the process may take an average of 1-2 business days.

Is it possible to start sharing without my application approval?
Since the results of the shares made without approval cannot be measured, no commission will be earned from these shares.

What are commission rates?
In our link earning model, there are two types of commissions, in-link and off-link. If a product in the collection of a person who clicks on the shared link is purchased within 24 hours, an in-link commission is obtained. In addition, the daily off-link commission amount that can be earned can be up to half of the in-link commission amount earned on the same day. The commission is calculated on the amount obtained by deducting VAT from the amount paid by the customer for the product.

How will the commission from the links be paid to me?
The commission earned will be paid on a weekly basis. We have different methods to pay. By agreeing with an agency, you can have weekly earnings invoiced, an invoice can be issued through your acquaintance or your own company, or a payment can be made to the IBAN number defined within the scope of tax exemption. Detailed information about our billing and payment processes will be made when the participation process is completed.

From which social media should shares be made?
Shares can be made on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or Youtube platforms. Social media applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram, which are only used as communication tools, should not be shared.

What should I pay attention to in my posts?
First of all, you should wait for the positive mail that will be delivered to you in order to gain profit from your shares. The link to be shared; you can create regardless of brand, model, category and product. Detailed information on how to create a link will be shared in the future.

What is the follow-up time of the shared link?
After the follower clicks on the link, in-link sales are followed for 24 hours and non-link sales are followed for 6 hours. Thanks to the UTM structure used while creating their links, every movement of our Influencer partner's links is tracked, so the earnings from the link can be calculated.

Will the products I promote in my posts be sent by Wimjo?
Yes, it is possible to shop from any category or brand in Wimjo with the discount coupon earned according to the monthly in-link turnover.

How to view sharing results
After the registration is completed, daily, weekly and monthly results can be viewed from the "Influencer Panel" tab on the "My Account" page.

How does the Wimjo Influencer program work?
Influencer shares the Wimjo product link with its followers on the social platform, and follower customers click on the link and add the products or one of the products to the basket. If the customer buys the product he added to the cart, the influencer gets a commission from the sale and earns money.

Influencer Application Address:
[email protected]

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