Customer happiness

Wimjo Customer Satisfaction

Wimjo offers satisfaction guaranteed service!

Wimjo is constantly working to provide quality service to our valued customers before and after shopping. It is our top priority to make every purchase enjoyable and to offer a special shopping experience. It is our greatest happiness that you purchase your needs and leave the Wimjo website or Wimjo mobile application satisfied.

What Does Wimjo Offer To Keep You, Our Valuable Customers, Satisfied?

As Wimjo, we develop and improve our services every day. Your wishes, needs and suggestions guide us and enable us to make the best moves for you. At this point, your feedback is very important to us. Some of the biggest factors that make up our unwavering customer satisfaction are:

• Thousands of quality products in tens of different categories

Wimjo has a variety of products for everything you need. We offer a wide variety of quality products for you, our valued customers, from fashion to mother and baby products, from home and life products to supermarkets. It is possible to find every product you are looking for in Wimjo in line with your wishes and needs. Wimjo works to make you feel special and valuable in your shopping, with its product range increasing day by day without sacrificing quality.

• Fast and reliable delivery – return processes

All your purchases on Wimjo are prepared meticulously and delivered to you as quickly as possible with the assurance of Wimjo. If you do not like the product you received after all this process, the return process is completed quickly and reliably, just like the delivery process. You can return the product you purchased unconditionally within 14 days.
In addition to these, there is a free shipping opportunity for your purchases at the determined campaign prices and above.

• Wimjo customer representatives are with you in every problem

You can write to us for all your questions and opinions during or after shopping with our support section, which you can easily access from the Wimjo website or the Wimjo mobile application. You can also easily reach customer service by contacting our happy customer support lines. Wimjo support team works to solve every problem in the easiest and fastest way and to provide you with satisfaction. One of the reasons for our high after-sales customer satisfaction is that we solve problems without making you suffer.

• Safe and easy payment options

You are safe every time you shop at Wimjo!

The safety of our valued customers is as important to us as your satisfaction. We have many measures in place to keep your information safe. With our SSL Certificate and secure payment providers, your personal information, credit and bank information are protected and kept confidential. Any information you provide on Wimjo is not shared with third parties. For your satisfaction, we never leave an open or question mark about security. For more information on this topic, you can check the Wimjo Privacy Policy.

• Campaigns and reasonable prices

Wimjo conducts many campaigns in certain periods of the year, offering products at prices that make customers smile. Instant discounts and campaign periods with many attractive prices are loved by customers. Discounts come to the fore in many periods of the year, such as New Year's campaigns and Valentine's Day discounts. In order not to miss these special discounts and campaigns, be sure to download the Wimjo mobile application and enter the privileged world of Wimjo. Wimjo, which has various product groups, pleases its customers as always with its shopping experience at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

• Special Wimjo categories

While Wimjo is pleased with its product variety, it also makes a name for itself with its special categories. In Wimjo, where there are products for all your needs, there are high quality and special products in the Grand Bazaar and Luxury categories. While there are handmade luxury products in the Luxury category, the Grand Bazaar category is a category that gives off the atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar, where there are products reflecting Turkish culture such as prayer beads, rings or Turkish carpets.

Wimjo strives to provide you with the best and highest quality shopping experience at all times. All the privileges and user-friendly services we offer to our valued customers, for you to leave your shopping happy, because you are our first priority. It is very valuable for us to listen to your suggestions and take action in line with your wishes and needs. It is our source of pride to be with you in all your needs and to please you.

We are waiting for you at Wimjo for a quality and special shopping experience.

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