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Become a Wimjo supplier too..

Become a Wimjo supplier and your products will be sold all over the world. Become our supplier, we will sell your products in the world market.

As Wimjo, we offer our customers hundreds of products in dozens of different categories. All the products we offer are of high quality and are carefully and meticulously selected. Wimjo is a company focused on customer satisfaction. Our customers' feedback on products, service quality or other issues is very important to us. Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, we have made a name for ourselves as a reliable brand in the sector. For this reason, we expect the products of our suppliers to be of high quality and high standard, like the other products on our site.

As Wimjo, we are growing day by day and we are increasing the number of our products together with our product categories. We are proud of the work we do, as we have thousands of products and can meet all the wishes and needs of our customers. At this point, we are very happy to cooperate with suppliers that offer quality products while expanding our product portfolio.

What Does Wimjo Expect From Suppliers?

As Wimjo, we aim to offer our customers much better than expected, the first thing we expect from our suppliers is an honest and transparent cooperation. Apart from that, the products you offer should be of the quality that will gain the trust of the customers and enable them to shop again and again with satisfaction. After Wimjo becomes its supplier, your products should be meticulously controlled during the production phase and no defective products should be sent to the customer. It is very important for us that you make your deliveries quickly and safely, and that you put customer satisfaction above all else.

If you are confident in the quality of your products and your approach to customers, we would like to state that we would be happy to cooperate with you in order to satisfy more customers, develop and reach our growth targets.

What Advantages Does Wimjo Offer Its Suppliers?

Wimjo provides mutual benefit with supplier cooperation. If you join the Wimjo family as a supplier, you will have many advantages. To talk about some of these advantages, we know that we exist primarily as a shopping platform with the presence of our customers. Our suppliers are very lucky in this regard because Wimjo is a shopping platform that has gained the trust of a large customer base and has a high number of potential customers. With the cooperation you have made with Wimjo, your products will appear in front of more people and this will help you grow your business.

Wimjo's customer portfolio consists of consumers who are accustomed to a quality shopping experience and who shop with confidence. In this way, they buy your products in the Wimjo showcase without any doubt. If your products satisfy the customers in the first shopping and meet their expectations, your brand will be remembered and this will create a loyal customer base for you. Caring about requests, suggestions and comments from customers, taking necessary actions and making improvements will greatly increase your customer satisfaction. With Wimjo's advertising and marketing strategies, your products will be in front of the people who need them, that is, they will be more visible to the audience who will shop from you.

Selling under Wimjo is a very important opportunity for you. With Wimjo's wide customer base, your brand awareness and brand awareness increase, it is quite possible that you will be mentioned in the sector. Wimjo will be with you in all operational processes and in case of any mishap, with a professional team, we will help you, our suppliers, to solve the problem in a short time. Wimjo will support its supplier throughout the entire cooperation process, allowing it to develop and grow together.

Wimjo wants to maintain a long-term cooperation with its suppliers by establishing solid relations with mutual honesty. Thanks to this cooperation, we can expand our product range and offer much more products according to the wishes and needs of our customers, while our suppliers get the benefit of working together by reaching more customers and making sales. As Wimjo, we attach great importance to our customers and always aim to provide the best shopping experience. On the other hand, we should point out that our suppliers are also very valuable and important to us. We always support the development, improvement and innovation of our suppliers and strive to promote them to wider audiences.

If you want to be a part of our team as a Wimjo supplier, please contact us. If contact is made, all necessary information for the application and further information will be sent to you. Although your applications are very important and valuable to us, each application will be carefully examined and you will be contacted.

Those who want to grow and develop with us,

Welcome to the Wimjo family!

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