Türkiye Copper Art Products

Throughout the history of the Turks, copper has had an important place in the field of art and trade. Artworks and souvenirs created by processing copper have a valuable place in Turkish culture. In addition, copper products suitable for daily use are preferred in many areas, especially in Turkish cuisine.

Glitter of Copper: A Thousand-Year-Old Art Tradition in Turkey

The processing and ornamentation of copper dates back to ancient times in our country. During the Ottoman period, the art of copper processing reached its peak. Various works of art created by processing copper have an important place in Turkish culture. The works of art made by processing copper are highly valued due to the craftsmanship and mastery of the details. Copper plates, copper ornamented vessels, copper ornamented oil lamps and copper inlaid pottery are among the works of art that Turks have made for centuries.

Turkish Copper Shaped by Hand Work: Gift and Decorative Masterpieces

The designs obtained by our craftsmen in the field of copper processing have also become an indispensable part of copper souvenirs and decorative products. Many decorative products such as copper-embroidered plates, trays and coasters, copper-embroidered pots, copper-embroidered oil lamps, copper-embroidered vases, copper-embroidered sugar bowls are among the products that Turks produce and value in their culture. These products are among the products that complement home decoration and are preferred as gifts.

Copper Products Suitable for Daily Use: Turkish Cuisine Inspiring Options

Products obtained by processing copper are not only used in the field of art and decoration. Copper products, which are also frequently used in Turkish cuisine, are among the products suitable for daily use. Copper pots, copper pans, copper teapots, copper samovars and copper barbecues help to create the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine. Copper pots are especially preferred for making rice, and copper pans are preferred for cooking meals such as breakfast. Copper samovars are an indispensable part of Turkish tea culture. At the same time, copper dissipates heat quickly, making it an indispensable part of barbecues. These products, which are among the copper products that Turks use frequently in their daily life, have a visually stylish appearance as well as being healthy and hygienic.

Its Handwork is Copper, its Craft is Turkish: Decorative and Useful Products

The use of copper in art and decoration has a long history in Turkish culture. Products obtained by processing copper are used in the decoration of houses and workplaces. Many products such as copper-inlaid mirrors, candlesticks, candle holders, chandeliers, doorknobs, ornaments and clocks are carefully processed by the Turks.

The warmth, shine and machinability of copper make these products look like works of art. Copper inlaid products make the atmosphere of homes warm and pleasant. At the same time, copper embroidered products produced by hand are considered as works of art.

The Elegance of Copper: Copper Products Used for Gift and Decorative Purposes in Our Country

The history of our country's copper art products and their use in daily use has a very deep-rooted history. The machinability and durability of copper enable it to be used in many areas in Turkish culture. Copper products are frequently preferred in both decoration and daily use areas. Turkish copper inlaid products are considered as works of art, especially handcrafted. All copper products found here reflect the best examples of this art.

Glamorous Copper: Turkish Gift and Decorative Copper Engravings

Copper is an important material used in Turkish culture for centuries. Because it is both durable and machinable, the Turks also used copper in the production of decorative and souvenirs. Here are the souvenirs and decorative products produced by the Turks with copper:

1. Copper Sugar Bowls:
Turkish copper embroidered sugar bowls are a traditional Turkish culture product. These handcrafted products are preferred for sweet treats specific to Turkish cuisine. With their stylish designs and elegant decorations, copper sugar bowls are also preferred as souvenirs.

2. Copper Candle Holders:
Copper candle holders attract attention with their traditional and modern designs. These products, made with Turkish copper craftsmanship, add grace and elegance to your home. In addition, the warmth of copper allows candles to burn longer.

3. Copper Figurines:
Turkish copper embroidered trinkets are usually designed with Turkish motifs and symbols. These trinkets are both decorative and useful. It is often bought by foreign tourists who want to promote Turkish culture.

4. Copper Watches:
Turkish copper watches have an important place among Turkish handicrafts. These products use traditional Turkish motifs and are handcrafted. The warmth of copper makes watches last longer.

5. Copper Altars:
Turkish copper inlaid altars are an important part of Turkish culture. These products, designed with traditional Turkish motifs, are placed in places of worship in homes. The durability of copper ensures the longevity of the altars.

6. Copper Frames:
Turkish copper inlaid frames are frequently used in homes with their elegant designs. These handcrafted products make your pictures and photos more stylish and special.

7. Copper Vases:
Copper vases occupy an important place among Turkish copper embroidered souvenirs. They are generally produced by hand work and are often preferred especially in the decoration of Turkish houses. Copper vases are thought to provide a very elegant appearance, especially for displaying flowers. In addition, the natural shine of copper adds a stylish touch to the vases, while at the same time creating a rustic feel. Copper vases are also preferred as gifts on special occasions such as weddings and engagements. Copper vases, which can be found in many sizes and designs, are also considered as an important souvenir option as they reflect the artistic understanding of Turkish culture.

Handcrafted copper works are an important part of Turkish culture and are considered especially as souvenirs and decoration products. Turkish copper embroidered products on our site present the best examples of this art with their rich motifs and meticulous workmanship. You can be a part of this unique culture by buying copper embroidered products for yourself or your loved ones with the Wimjo privilege.

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