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Viaxi Massage Oil Strawberry Flavored 177 ml


Viaxi Massage Oil Strawberry Flavored 177 ml best features and real user reviews, order now with the cheapest price and campaign options, don't miss our surprise gifts! We deliver your products safely to your address with the advantages of fast delivery in 3-5 working days from Turkey.

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Product information

Viaxi Massage Oil Strawberry Flavored 177 ml

An excellent product for Certified Massage Therapists and Spa Centers;
100% pure and natural,
Rich and luxurious nutrients
Completely real fruit extracts, flowers, nutrients and aroma
Original strawberry taste and smell,

Viaxi Massage Oils have all the features you expect from a perfect massage oil for a brighter, lively, soft, moist and silky skin.

Why is Massage Important?

Massage has direct effects on the entire system of the body.
The skin receives the stimulus with massage and transmits it to the deeper layers by reflex, and a positive energy flow begins on the organs.
Since the blood carries oxygen to the body, the importance of massage is very important in the healthy blood circulation of the body.
Massage, which stimulates around 7000 nerves in 1 session, has positive effects on tension, stress, brain functions, mood, and all organs.
In fact, massage, which is the basis of all treatment techniques, accelerates the healing process by stimulating signals sent locally to the problem areas in the body.
Massage; Due to its numerous benefits in muscle, bone, joint, digestion, circulation, excretion, immune system, removing toxins and burning fat
It is the healthiest and most enjoyable form of investment in the future of the brain, soul and body, which should be practiced regularly.

Why Should We Use Massage Oil?

Carrier oils are the purest form of oils. It penetrates the skin very quickly and also contains various nutrients and
It is better than other oils due to its properties. Others can simply clog pores and also irritate the skin.

Are there any side effects?

Viaxi massage oils have no known side effects. All additives in its content are carefully and naturally dried.
No harmful additives were used in any way. Therefore, it does not harm or irritate the skin.

How to Use Massage Oil?

1. First, wash your body with warm water or take a hot shower. Gently pat dry your skin with a soft towel.
2. Then pour some Viaxi massage oil into your palm on dry skin and apply it to your body by gently massaging with clockwise movements with your hands,
This will open the pores and allow you to relax.
3. Leave it for a while to work well on your skin, then it is up to you to apply other cosmetic products.

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Country of Manufacture Turkey


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