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Wimjo is a highly professional shopping platform that wants to provide its customers with a quality and special shopping experience. We always go one step further with our policy of continuous development and improvement. As we continue to develop and improve, the Wimjo family, which is passionate about its work and constantly pursuing innovation, is also growing day by day.

We work as a team to make Wimjo number 1, and we achieve our goals one by one. Working with a staff specialized in their field, Wimjo attaches great importance to continuous development and learning in the working environment.

Our customers are very valuable and important to us. It is our priority to provide them with the best service in the easiest way, but we also provide a quality working environment and working conditions that will allow our employees to reveal their potential so that each of our employees feels very valuable and special.

Wimjo's business principle is to provide the highest quality service to its customers, and it advocates that regular improvement and development is required for this. At this point, the physical and mental health of our esteemed colleagues, who will take us forward, is very important. Wimjo attaches great importance to this issue as the training and development of our employees will carry us forward. The development of our employees means our development. Therefore, it is very important for us to regularly motivate, support, train and help our employees develop in order to take their careers to a better place.

How Does the Recruitment Process Work at Wimjo?

With the importance and value it attaches to its employees, Wimjo helps them to develop continuously and provides opportunities to further their careers. At this point, evaluating Wimjo career opportunities will take you to very good places now and in the future.

We can explain in a few sentences what we pay attention to in the recruitment process to our esteemed candidates who apply to discover and develop their talents with a motivated and professional team in very good conditions.

First of all, since our job is a team job, people who have good human relations, are open to communication, know what cooperation and team spirit are and have adopted these characteristics are a priority for us.

Another factor that will make you stand out from other candidates in the recruitment process is to adopt high standards of service to our customers.

Of course, we care about your education and work experience, but besides this, your personal and professional goals are as important to us as your education and experience, your enthusiasm for development and improvement is always supported at Wimjo, along with training and development opportunities.

A training program is offered after the recruitment process, especially for our newly graduated employees. With this training program, you can see where you want to be in Wimjo more clearly and learn how it works. For our experienced employees whose recruitment process is over, a position is created that is suitable for their career goals and where both parties can benefit from each other.

What Does Wimjo Promise You?

At Wimjo, our personnel from every department are supported by trainings and seminars as well as motivation programs in order to realize their career goals, discover their talents and reveal their strengths.

Going one step further by our employees will take Wimjo forward, on the contrary, the regular development and progress of Wimjo will enable our employees to reach their goals.

Our company offers internal promotion opportunities in order to develop, direct and support successful personnel with vision and leadership qualities. However, external candidates are always considered.

We offer our employees working conditions where they can devote time to their social lives and have opportunities for personal or professional development.

Our working principle is high; All of our staff can freely express their ideas because they attach importance to cooperation, teamwork and open communication, and a common point is determined with these different ideas and progress is made in this direction.

Wimjo offers incentive salary and bonus opportunities to all its employees. While salaries are determined with a competitive approach at industry standards, bonus opportunities vary depending on the progress and performance of our employees.

As the Wimjo family, we would be happy to see you among us. As one of the leading companies in the sector, we are proud to ensure your development and employment. Open your door to development and improvement by taking advantage of Wimjo career opportunities.


Do not hesitate to contact us for career application and remind yourself. We will surely have an open position for you.

For application: Share your CV information with us at [email protected].

Wimjo Family is Waiting for You!

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