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Viaxi Whitening Cream 50 ml


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Viaxi Whitening Cream 50 ml Skin Care Cream

Skin darkening is one of the most common cosmetic problems women complain about. Darkening of the skin color and regional darkening may occur due to different reasons. In addition to environmental factors, wrong applications also cause darkening of the skin.

Skin darkening, especially in non-breathing areas of the body; It may occur as a result of the skin being dehydrated. Rubbing between the knees, elbows, armpits, bikini area and between the legs also causes darkening of the skin. This condition, which can be seen in everyone regardless of skin color, is more evident in dark-skinned people.

Wearing very tight clothes that prevent the skin from breathing, choosing synthetic fabrics and using cotton-free pads are also causes of skin combination. In addition to these, factors such as wrong epilation applications, waxing, overexposure to the sun and aging also cause darkening of the skin. Air pollution, smoking and stress cause skin damage and cause the skin to lose its natural color. Genetic factors are also among the factors underlying skin spots and skin darkening.

Whitening Skin Care Cream

Viaxi Whitening Cream can be used safely in all sensitive areas of the body such as knees, elbows, neck and armpits where darkening is observed, as well as the genital area. Whitening cream consisting of natural plant extracts; It removes discoloration in regional darkening, balances skin tone and reduces darkening. It gradually heals the area with skin darkening and provides a natural appearance.

Viaxi Whitening Skin Care Cream; It has a whitening, brightening and anti-aging effect with high quality hydrolyzed wheat flour in its content. Hydrolyzed wheat flour increases the production of melanin, which is responsible for skin color, and helps to balance it in cases of melanin deficiency. It moisturizes the skin by deeply nourishing it with olive oil ester and glycerin in its formula.

Hydrolyzed wheat flour used in Viaxi Whitening Cream is an active ingredient produced of the highest quality. Axolight is a brand produced in cooperation with Givaudan, a Swiss cosmetic ingredient provider, and French Soliance. Whitening cream Viaxi can be applied to clean skin twice a day, morning and evening. You can increase the absorption of the cream by massaging with circular movements for better penetration into the skin. It is recommended not to sunbathe during the application. The recommended duration of use for visible effective results is at least 3 – 4 weeks.

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